Some of Devan's Big Influences:
  • Rush
  • Green Day
  • Nirvana
  • Led Zeppelin
    and many more...

Devan Meisner

Devan is the bassist in The Record Breakers band. His band mates know him to be rock-solid, providing a strong, confident sound supporting the songs. He also plays guitar, flute, and some piano.   

Coming from a musical family, Devan started off playing piano at the age of 5. He picked up the guitar a few years later and then began playing bass guitar at age 14. The bass has been his main instrument ever since. Not surprisingly, one of Devan’s favorite bands is Rush, due in large part to bassist Geddy Lee. Devan first heard YYZ at the age of 12 and has been a true Rush fan ever since. He has seen Rush in concert three times.   

Green Day is also a big musical influence. Devan was turned on to the band by his bass teacher and simply loves their music. He’s waiting for Billie Joe to start another tour.   

Devan’s first band was One Track Mind. When they disbanded in 2014, he and Hayden stayed together and later formed The Record Breakers with Julian, Bella and Michael. Since then, they have been having a blast playing a lot of music, performing in a variety of places and just hanging out as friends.   

Devan is pursuing music in CEGEP and possibly university. Regardless of what he studies at university, he will continue to play music for a lifetime.