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Our Story

The Record Breakers are a young band composed of old-soul musicians. The band consists of 5 friends who have been together since they were 14 years old. They play original music with elements of country, rock, and pop. And then they add something all their own. The Record Breakers feature two main vocalists and song-writers, coupled with solid musical arrangements composed by the band. The end result is diverse and entertaining.   

Following their 2016 debut EP, the band will release their second album, Bigger Plans, this coming June and will launch it on June 9th at the Crowley Arts Centre. They are super excited to be opening for Bon Jovi at The Bell Centre on May 17. The band hopes that this opportunity may, in fact, lead to Bigger Plans.

Join the excitement around this group of young musicians - keep posted on live appearances and take a listen to their material and latest releases on Apple Music and Spotify. Their love of music is infectious and will leave you feeling great. For more information, contact​.

"Bon Jovi’s effort to give a platform to local support acts is pure class, and the Record Breakers made the most of their contest win with a buoyant four-song showcase. Their confident melodic smarts weren’t out of place in the dauntingly large venue, and the twangy undertones and engaging harmonies were solid hooks on which to hang a promising career." - Jordan Zivitz, Montreal Gazette, May 18, 2018 


Hayden​ ​is a singer-songwriter, front man and guitarist extraordinaire. Inspired by country and blues legends, his style is smooth as silk and his artful solos invite you along for the ride.
Bella​ ​is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her voice is strong and true as lead or backup. She can add textures and colour as the music dictates. And her banjo is never far.
Michael​ ​adds flare and ‘raditude’ to the band. His musical influences are punk and rock and his catchy keyboard parts will keep you humming along.
Devan​ ​is a rock-solid bassist. He creates melodic and rhythmic bass lines on which the songs rest. He is inspired by classic rock and is equally comfortable with slap, pick or finger-style techniques.
Julian​ ​is a natural drummer - rhythm is in his DNA. His beat is the backbone of the music and his grooves entertain the ear.